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Catering services

The professional team of the "USTA" company provides catering services on the territory of the International Exhibition Center "Ekaterinburg-EXPO".

At your service:

  • food supply for companies-organizers and companies-exhibitors employees;
  • drinks and buffet;
  • banquets;
  • service of corporate parties, presentations, sports and street events.

The "USTA" company offers a wide choice of dishes of Russian, European, Italian, Japanese, kosher cuisines. Carrying out the tasting to agree on a menu on request.

IEC "Ekaterinburg-EXPO" cafes and restaurants

Food court

Permanent food zone on 2nd floor at galery №1 and balcony at pavilion №1


  • complex lunches - 1 000 people;
  • drinks and buffet - up to 2 000 people.


Permanent food zone on 1st floor at galery №2 and №3


  • complex lunches - 200 people;
  • drinks and buffet - up to 500 people;
  • banquets - 200 people.


The restaurant is located at the pavilion №4, total area - 750 m2


  • banquet - 400 people;
  • drinks and buffet - 700 people.

Banquets in the Plenary hall

Plenary hall is located in Pavilion №4, total area - 1 500 m2


  • banquet - 600 people;
  • drinks and buffet - 1 500 people.

Banquets in Conference hall

The hall is located in the registration area at 2nd floor, beside main entrance, total area - 550 m2


  • banquet - 250 people;
  • drinks and buffet - 500 people.


VIP-cafe is located on the balcony at the registration area


  • banquet - 50 people;
  • drinks and buffet - 150 people.

Hall in the pavilion №4

The hall between the conference halls in pavilion №4 is an excellent place for holding coffee-breaks and receptions for up to 1,500 people