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Co-working is a style of work that involves a shared working environment and independent activity.

Today remote working is becoming more and more popular. Often only computer and Internet access are needed for working. It seems easy to work from home. However, it is not that easy. Family members divert from work. In addition there are a TV and a fridge that distract us. It is also impossible to hold a business meeting a home.

Co-working helps to solve these problems. It is easy. You can book a work place for an hour (or several hours, or several days, or a month, as you wish). As a result you get a working place without any distractions, ability to hold meetings, use office equipment without buying it and taking care of it. It is something between working at home and in an office. Co-working is popular with freelancers and people who work remote.


We invite all the freelancers to our co-working-zone which is located in the entrance lobby of the International Exhibition Centre «Ekaterinburg - EXPO» Prices: 150 Russian rubles per hour / 800 Russian rubles per day / 12 000 Russian rubles per month. What is included: Internet access, colour and black and white printing. For the first three months of rent you get 20% discount.
It is possible to discuss the details and choose the type of the rent by phone number +7 343 215-79-98 ext. 121