IEC Ekaterinburg-Expo launches a service for those who do not like to stand in lines!

International Exhibition Center Ekaterinburg Expo is about to offer the new service for visitors - a Priority Pass. It is similar to the well known priority passes widely used in the airports around the World, where the privileged card holders may await departure in the upscale lounges regardless of the ticket category. The new service of the Ekaterinburg Expo will let the visitors enjoy a number of the exquisite privileges such as a dedicated spot on the first line of the parking lot, avoiding the que at the entrance, a separate cloakroom and an access to the pleasant lounge with refreshments and light appetizers provided - to rest while waiting for performance to start. As the Director General of the Ekaterinburg Expo Mr. Igor Danilov has put it, “We obliged to our guests for this idea. We have been receiving a lot of feedback about the hosted events , - and an easing the access to the Expo Center at the days of concerts was one of the most popular requests. Thus we have decided to launch the particular service for the interested visitors which not only implies the priority access to the building but also includes the whole package of the additional privileges”. In 2018 the International Exhibition Center has become a full fledged player on the market of the city entertainment sites. The Ekaterinburg Expo hosted such magnificent events as the youth modern music festival Z-Rave and the multi-day performance of the famous Cirque du Soleil. The concert of the trending Russian band “Leningrad” is expected in October and the spectacular show of the very popular singer Loboda is due in November. Every time such events attract tens of thousands of visitors. The Priority Pass service is actively promoted on such World leading performance venues as Palais12 (the largest covered stage in Brussels, Belgium) and the O2 Arena (multi-purpose stadium in London, Great Britain). Now the Priority Pass is also available in Ekaterinburg - visitors will be able to use it at the concert of the “Leningrad” band. It is very easy to sign up for it - you will just need to purchase a ticket of any category for any event in the Ekaterinburg Expo and to order this service as an extra option. Soon it will be also available on the Center’s website. The cost of the service may vary depending on the event.


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